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Established in 2018, the Halaal Catering Company is a professional catering company aiming to offer freshly prepared halaal meals, platters, canapes and more to the corporate, hospitality and event industries.

The need for strictly halaal meals that still taste good and doesn’t compromise on quality is ever-growing in the corporate world, making it the perfect gap for us to fit into. At the Halaal Catering Company, we focus on exceptional quality and freshness, ensuring that each meal leaving our kitchen is prepared to perfection and packed with flavour while still being pretty to the eyes.

If you are looking for delectable and unique dishes to add to your event, be it corporate or private, contact us for a custom quote today.
Enquire about our food and event setup rates.


We have a weekly offering of delicious homemade meals available in single and family portions. Enquire with us to receive our menu for the week.


We create an exceptional variety of sweet and savoury platters and finger foods. We also create custom items to suit the theme of your event. Use our platter menu to create the ultimate menu for your meeting or event.

Private &
Corporate Events

We cater for all types of private and corporate conferences and events with a custom menu. We also menu-match and will create the ultimate dish for you.

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